Coffin Choices - Earth to Heaven

Choosing a coffin is not a light hearted decision to make and we are always on hand to help with advice at Earth to Heaven. Even if you do not wish to purchase from our collection we are happy to give assistance and explain the choices. Sometimes it is easier to talk to someone away from the funeral home. 

We often help families who decide to to a DIY funeral and our knowledge can help with some of the difficulties and practicalities.

An example of a coffin from our range is the oval sea-grass coffin. This is truly a beautifully crafted and solidly made coffin that can easily be decorated using flowers and foliage from the garden of family or friends to make the funeral more personal. We strongly believe that being part of the funeral in a small way can help with the grief and decorating the outside can bring family members together and help with the arrangements.

The sea-grass has a wooden base fitted so designed for use in a crematorium or burial either at a cemetery or in a woodland setting. The handles are woven underneath into the frame so are load bearing to help with the lifting and carrying.  The interior is fitted with a calico lining that is made like a shroud with a head and foot wrap to make sure your loved one is comfortable.

All our coffins are certified as suitable for use by the CCSA Coffin, Casket and Shroud Association.