About Earth To Heaven

Earth to Heaven are committed to creating environmentally friendly, bio-degradable willow & bamboo coffins, wicker ashes caskets & mementos, products for the life of a loved one.
As a company we believe that our willow coffins & urns as fairly traded products are integral to ethnical living and fully support traditional craftsmanship.

By looking at the impact of our business on the environment we utilise renewable energies to manage resources efficiently. From the sourcing of sustainable and renewable raw materials to the design and production of the finished product we aim to be environmentally conscious as possible with all our willow & bamboo products. We monitor the design, production and transportation of all our products and pay attention to packaging.

In our office and warehouse we use an energy saving kettle, lighting, recycled office products, furniture and carpet and always do our best to use companies in our supply chain that have our values.

In life we make choices on a daily basis and we now find that people want to have that same choice in death.


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