Acorn Urns

Acorn Urns are available in choice of 7 colours & Dutch Gold Leaf

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Acorn Urns

Acorn Urns have a specially designed lid and base made from moulded recycled kraft and recycled paper, with the stalk of the lid made from a twist of tissue paper.  Fully biodegradable & light weight (approx 260g) the urn base stands 22cm tall with a 19cm dimeter top . Volume of 4 litres.  They are finished with paper made from mulberry pulp and supplied individually boxed. Available in choice of 7 colours, Moss Green, Dark Green, Stone, Russet, Purple, Yellow, Turquoise or Dutch Gold Leaf The Acorn Urn is ideal for the burial of cremation ashes particularly in woodland and natural settings.

Dutch Gold Leaf - the base is prepared with dark red paper before the Dutch Gold Leaf (an alloy of copper and zinc) is applied. Small cracks and breaks that naturally appear in the surface of the leaf, allow the underlying red surface to show through.

Ashes can either be placed directly into the Acorn Urn, or first transferred into our (Optional Extra) hand made, 100% cotton ashes bag and secured with the draw string.

In the UK, cremation ashes are usually returned to the family in a boxed, functional plastic container, or a plastic bag inside a cardboard box. They can be easily transferred to a new container, either by family and friends, or your funeral director will also usually offer this service.

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